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Rachel By Design

Making your space work for you


Bring New Life to Your Home

Even if You're on a Shoestring Budget

When you became a homeowner, did only half of your dreams come true?

You found a real estate agent, got the mortgage. Survived the house hunting nightmare.

But then you actually moved in. And things felt… Well, a little incomplete.

Maybe the previous owner did some halfhearted remodels. Maybe the living room is laid out differently than you’re used to.

Or maybe the house doesn’t feel quite right. The flow from room-to-room makes furniture hard to place.

You’re experiencing a classic case of designer’s block. You have some idea about what your dream home should look like…

And you know what you don’t want…

But you need a clear vision. Someone to guide you along.

You need an interior designer who will:

  • Listen to your needs

  • Communicate clearly throughout the design process AND...

  • Stick to your budget

So that you can have an easy, enjoyable time making your dreams come true.

When you hire me as your interior designer, I’ll take the stress out of the whole process. I’ll help you fully realize and implement your vision for your home, rather than putting my own spin on it (as too many designers do).

Design Packages

You can finally stop biting your nails in frustration and start enjoying your fairytale home.


And I know what you might be thinking. “Hiring an interior designer? That sounds expensive.”


In fact, working with me can actually save you money.


I’ll help you avoid the expensive design mistakes that too many people make.


Pricey furniture… not testing paint colors under the right conditions… not buying the right wallpaper… using the wrong window treatments…


There are SO many pricing mistakes you can make that almost no one else will tell you about.

I’ll help you navigate all of this, at half the rate that many designers charge.


I’ll give you exclusive discounts on furniture and materials.

And I’ll get your design right the first time, so that you can stop wasting time and stop flushing money down the drain.


After all, design isn’t just a job for me – it’s a calling. I want to dream big with you.

Kitchen & Bath

Bathroom after - touched up_edited.jpg

Spatial Planning

bench-accounting-nvzvOPQW0gc-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Project Drafting

Working Together

Some of My Work

Imagine coming home from a long day of work, lying on a plush couch in your perfectly proportioned living room…


Drinking a glass of wine, admiring the pleasing colors and lighting of the room. Finally being able to relax after a hard day.


Imagine your friends coming over for dinner, gaping in awe at your fairytale kitchen. Everything from the beautiful wallpaper, to the placement of the table, to the color coordination, to the stylish drapes and rugs.


The space that you created. They’ll envy you. They’ll wonder how you ever managed to score such a nice home.


They’ll realize what great taste you have. They’ll start to see you for who you really are:


A savvy homemaker who knows what you want in life and won’t take “no” for an answer!


And don’t just take my word for it:

Bright Livingroom

Living Room

"I consulted Rachel to help me with the blank slate of a new-to-me house and all that accompanies that sometimes difficult blend of adding new décor to the old. She absolutely nailed it! With an artist's eye and the exactness of an architect, she somehow was able to tap into my mind to help create the style and feel that I desired for my home. I especially love her flair for finding those special pieces that make a space extraordinary. Rachel is great to work with and so gifted at design-- I confidently and highly recommend her!"

-Katie R.

Savanna's Office - touched up_edited.jpg

Office Space

 "I hired Rachel to advise me with the interior design of a new office space for my law practice, including our reception/lobby area, conference room, and combination office/client meeting space. Rachel's work included three-dimensional computer modeling of the space, preparation of budget and timeline proposals, analysis and proposal of options for furnishing and décor, shopping for specific proposed art and furniture items, and assembly of the procured pieces into a final finished space. Rachel communicated with me throughout the project and did an excellent job of working to understand and apply my wishes. I appreciated her ability to give candid advice and feedback, while still taking my subjective likes and dislikes into account. Rachel completed the work timely and on budget. Most importantly, the final product turned out well. I regularly receive compliments from clients and visitors on the décor. Thanks Rachel! I don't know how I would have done it without you!"


-Freeman Green

Bar Cala Rendering.jpg

Project Drafting

"Rachel helped us draw up our future restaurant digitally so we could get a feel for the layout and how the space would feel. She rendered materials for us that we were considering. This allowed us to visualize how they would all work together and save money by avoiding buying a material that might not have worked. Knowing what size fixtures to buy by how they looked in the space also saved us a lot of time. We were very pleased with her quality of work and willingness to render any material we wanted to see. Because of her help we were able to have complete creative control over the design of the restaurant and it turned out beautiful."

-Bar Cala

So if you’re tired of wondering what might have been…


And you’re ready to watch your dreams unfold…


Then let’s work together!


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday  8AM to 5PM

Emails will be checked and answered during normal business hours

in the order they are received.

Please do not text outside normal business hours. Immediate response is not guaranteed.

Serving the Salem and Dallas area. Unable to serve anywhere more than 60 miles away at this time.

Rachel Martinmaas

Dallas, OR 97338

(503) 580-8973

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