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I’ve always had a passion for design.

Hello, My name is Rachel Martinmaas and I'm the lead designer and owner of Rachel By Design.


From decorating my room as a kid, to hemming clothes, to helping my mom plan elaborate parties — I thrive on using my artistic skills to make others’ lives better.

Whether I’m working with a client or just having fun, design is a natural part of who I am.


And my wide range of experience has taught me how to design homes on a tight budget when necessary. I do recommend putting aside extra money for your designs – the more appealing your home, the higher its resale value – but I’m glad to work within your means.


I know that you’re trusting me to take on a very big and very personal project. Your house is so much more than just a building! It’s the place where you rest your head. The kitchen where your family eats dinner and has ordinary, yet life-changing conversations.


Your home is the ceiling that protects you. The walls that hug you. The floors that support you.


And too many designers forget about this. They come up with elaborate visuals that look great on paper, but don’t translate to reality.


They forget that a home is to be lived in, not just looked at. You have to be able to walk through a room, not just enjoy its appeal from afar.


Worse yet, some designers will even put their artistic vision first and create a house you never asked for! Because they forget that your vision is what makes your home special.


As an empathetic person, my design style is to give you what you want (even if you don’t know what it is yet). I’ll listen to you and help you to communicate your needs. We’ll design your home on your terms.


That’s why I use computer design software to make sketches before the actual design. It helps you to visualize the home that you want before I even begin working on it!


So, are you ready to watch your dreams unfold? Let’s work together and create the space you’ve always wanted!

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