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The Design Process

Wondering what to expect when we work together? Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:


Discovery Call – You get in touch with me (by email or phone) and we set up a FREE appointment to chat more about your design needs. 


Consultation – Once you give me the go ahead, I’ll show up to your house or we can set up a video call. I’ll take notes of your vision and budget, and we’ll go over a questionnaire together so that I can best meet your needs.​


Estimate – I’ll quickly email you with a design estimate. (Keep in mind that the price of furniture and any other procurement for the project can vary, so it isn’t included in the estimate. Talk to me if you have any questions about this!)​


The BIG Step – Once you give me the go ahead, we’ll go over the terms in a letter of agreement and sign it together. This way, I can give my full attention to your project from the get-go.


Rough Drafts – I will get full measurements of the space and look over any inspiration pictures you may have collected. I’ll get some reference pictures, and then I’ll use state-of-the-art computer software to draw up a basic three-dimensional sketch. This way, you can visualize the full potential of your home and give me feedback before I complete the final design!​


Final Designs – After the basic design phase, I’ll get you the final design completed and ready to go. Yay! Now you can sit back and let me do the hard work of finding the right people (contractors, plumbers, etc.) to bring your dream to life.(Unless you’d rather fly solo and figure this part out yourself – in that case, it’s all yours!)​


Other help? – I’m happy to be a “middleman” if you already have an idea in mind, and just need help implementing it. I can make purchases, find installers, and see that everything gets done according to your vision.​


Payment – I’ll invoice you for our agreed upon fee on the first of every month. Invoicing will start on the first month after work begins. Further payment details are written out in the letter of agreement.​ Does this all sound good to you? Then let’s

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