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Available Packages

Catered to your needs

Kitchen & Bath

If you want to completely reimagine your “house” and watch it become your new home, this is the package for you! The primary focus is Kitchen & Bath but may include other/adjacent rooms. Sit back and relax as I listen to all your needs and help you design a full home remodel – new walls, new light fixtures, updating everything. You won’t believe your eyes when you see your fairytale home come to life!

Spatial Planning

Maybe your new home isn’t all that bad. You’d just like to see a few changes, and don’t know where to start. With this package, I’ll help you create a partial redesign to make a few new changes. Maybe you’d like to build a new vision for wall color, windows treatments, or a floor refresh. Maybe you want new counters, furniture, or tile. Or maybe you just want help reimagining the layout of a room! You want your home to feel like it has more space. Don’t worry. While a partial design is cheaper and faster, it can be just as much fun as my other services!

Project Drafting

Want to know a secret? You might not even need a designer to help with a full remodel. You might just want help visualizing. In this package, I will give you a full measure of your home as is and trained help drafting your home. Whether you just want to see what the end result could be with your material selections or if you need full detailed plans for your contractor. I’m also available for you if want to bounce some ideas off me or you just want my professional opinion. Any way that I can help you reimagine your home and express your vision, I am here. Whatever you need to help you avoid buying a fixture or material that might not work. This package includes as much involvement from me as you desire, giving you complete independence with your design. If you need detailed specs for your contractor, I can provide the proper language and communication between your vision and what they need to build it so you can save you thousands of dollars. Yes, you read that right. If you’re on a very tight budget and you’re ready to dream big, this could be the best package for you.


Here are more details about some of the available elements of the packages above. They don't need to be part of a package if you just need help with one service specifically.

Window with Plant

Window Treatments

Your windows are the “eyes” of your home. Let me help you take care of them! We’ll dress them up with some nice drapes, blinds, blackout curtains, whatever you need. I’ll help you create a functional solution that also looks nice and complements the rest of your home.


New Wall Colors / Flooring

I’ll help you find a stylish look for the surfaces of your home.

We can even find nice neutral colors and materials that will increase the resale value of your home without sacrificing your style. It's not about white washed walls and boring greys anymore. These days potential buyers are more drawn to soothing colors and a bit of character.

Well Organized Closet

One Space Organizing

Let’s get one more thing off your plate so you can take the stress out of organizing your home. With this service, I’ll help you arrange your spaces (e.g. kitchen cupboards or closets) in a functional, easy-to-find way so that you can stop wasting your valuable time.


Furniture Selection

I’ll get you an exclusive discount on new furniture (e.g. end tables, rugs, and sofas) and help you arrange it in a functional way so that you can admire your home and live in it with ease. Or I can help you rearrange existing furniture so that family and guests feel more comfortable in your home.

If any of my services sound right up your alley, or if you have any questions, then

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